20 minutes Instant Pot Easy Mixed beans Tomato soup with sausage (Budget approved)

20 minutes Instant Pot Easy Mixed beans soup with sausage

With the current situation of COVID-19, the United States is now with the highest number of infected patients in the world. We are trying our best to eat healthy with limited resources and budget. So Instant pot is always our best cooking partner, we can easily prepare our dinner in 20 minutes.

I usually have to soak the dried beans overnight to soften the beans and shorten the cooking time, but with Instant pot, I have no longer do this.

By using Instant pot, I just have to pre-washed the beans, okay whatever beans you have in your pantry, it works well too.

So, remember I have only spent less than half an hour to cook the entire soup, well, in fact just preparation for 5 minutes, everything pour into the instant pot, then I just have to wait and ready to eat!


Curious about what other meals can make with instant pot?

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Let’s start making this soup now!


20 minutes Instant Pot Easy Mixed beans soup with sausage


White beans – 1/2 cup

chickpea – 1/2 cup

black eye peas – 1/3 cup

barley – 1 tbsp

russet potato – 1 medium size – cut into cubes

tomato – 1 pc – cut into cubes

Celery – 2 stalk – cut into thin slices

zucchini – 1/2 pcs – cut into cubes

Spicy chicken sausage – 2 pcs – cut into cubes

Pasta sauce – 2 tbsp – any brand you have in your fridge

Chicken broth – 2 cups (add some water if you want more liquid)

Black pepper



20 minutes Instant Pot Easy Mixed beans soup with sausage


  1. press sauteed mode, add in some butter and tomato, stir fry for 1 min.
  2. pour in chicken broth and water, add in all the beans, barley, sausage, and celery.
  3. Add in the pasta sauce as well.
  4. Cover the Instant pot with lid, set the setting to Chili beans
  5. Let it cook completely and wait for 5 minutes and slowly released the pressure.
  6. Set the mode to sauteed again, add in the rest of the ingredients, mix well and stir fry for another 5 mins.
  7. You can serve right away or keep it warm in the pot.
  8. Sprinkle some dry parsley on top to serve.



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