Day trip to Miami Beach

Today is a date outing day for us as hubby took a day off from his job. So we drove all the way to Miami downtown from Fort Lauderdale, it is about 90 minutes drives! But we are excited looking forward on the beach and scenery around Miami. Never get disappointing once we arrived at the beach, good sunny day with beautiful beach and sand~ wow.. make me the feeling of small honeymoon haha! Let’s start the tour by now~


Love bird by the beach always our selfies come first yay~ This is located just right in front of holiday Inn Biscayne Bay


some noticeable landmarks surrounding

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blue sky, beautiful ocean and white sand!

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However, i will never forget to bring back some new information about food, this is a spice store that has every kind of spices, sauces that originated from South America. Depends on your taste buds, it ranges from not spicy until extremely HOT! and the good part is you can try every products for FREE. Thus, you can easily find out your best spice and sauce. 13219798_10153738193898165_37702844_n 13219545_10153738193713165_1590635016_n 13220044_10153738193438165_1473868206_n 13225077_10153738193243165_196124010_o


Although i always think that i am kind of adventurous, but i failed this time as you can see the candy i am holding is containing Lava inside of it, i just gave it a skipped and that’s really not my snack.. have anyone of you tried this out? tell me the taste!! 13227962_10153738192753165_866364931_n 13250424_10153738192493165_724001055_n

We keep walking and there’s this flea market along the beach, there are so many interesting stuffs around, can do little shopping here.


We had our lunch in a small Greece Cafe, hubby was having a Greek sandwich while i tried the Spanakopita Platter. Ok, i’ll explain little about this, Spanakopita is Greek word meaning the spinach pie. The pie crust is so crispy and inside is filled up with spinach and a lot of cheese! and i can select another 2 side dishes that come along, so i had baked potatoes and stew zucchini and carrots. it is just so so so so yummy! I will definitely come back again in future! oh, i always love to share, in case you love this food, here’s the address of the shop Stoupys Greek Restaurant (350 SE 1st St, Miami 33131 between SE 3rd Ave & Biscayne Blvd)




Never missed out this HOT restaurant with all the sexy pretty girls! 13227876_10153738192073165_1552675548_n


According to the locals, this is the oldest tree for that area, look how big and how tall is the trunk! 13228123_10153738192048165_1351513849_n

We ended our day trip around 4pm but we will be back for more!! This is just half way of the area, there are more to explore!



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