Mizner Park Window Shopping Dates

Hubby works part time at Boca Raton, so we decided to go to the downtown at Mizner Park after his work appointment with patients. This is indeed a nice shopping and dining place, with such a nice environment and relaxing park, there are many interesting dining restaurants around for your taste buds. However, we didn’t walk into any of them this round as we had our quick brunch at Pollo Tropical before his work started. Simple and quick food, we both ordered the TropiChop set with a freebie side dish Fried Yuca. This is very fulfilling and loads with lots of tomatoes, onions, corns and beans, never forget their yummy grill chicken cubes too!


So here we start the window shopping tour at the Mizner Park, It is quite a big place to hang out and basically my shopping would be food and cooking related. However, i do enjoy the architecture around with the clock tower, fountain, buildings, they are classic and make this place looks amazing! Let’s tour around and have fun! Oh, as usual routine, lovebirds selfie goes first with our signature sunshades on !! lol


Walking towards some shopping and dinning area, here’s the overview of the entire park.

13324042_10153778690403165_1331787850_o 13324245_10153778691478165_1605245114_o


Classic European building i guess? This is a shopping malls with lots of stuffs, however, i gave it a skipped as i am looking for more interesting things at the moment. 13329665_10153778687883165_319356110_n


The entire structure of the buildings with the nice sport car lol ..


Opposite the mall is this building with clock tower.


We keep walking till the end of the road, there is even a bigger clock tower and it is so pretty!! I love it   13336255_10153778689048165_250364568_n  13342453_10153778688478165_1822139197_n

In the middle of the park, there is a big fountain and relaxing area to chill and rest. You can bring the coke, beer or whatever chill you up to sit at the resting place while enjoying the summer and the wind breeze. That is so awesome!!

13383347_10153778689013165_569523738_o 13383874_10153778689248165_589051847_o

Finally, there is this place i would love to recommend if you are into cooking & baking, they have their schedule classes daily and weekly for you to catch up. The place is named Surlatable or visit their website for details. http://www.surlatable.com/ they have many branches around, so you can definitely locate one nearby you!

Looks like they just finished the class and doing the cleaning, I was too late for that. I guess that would be nice if i was there earlier to see how they conduct during the class. I will definitely re-visit this with better timing.



Some of the wooden kitchenware that really impressed me, and they do have big variety of choice, and yes, if you are looking for some nice pieces there, you should really visit here.

13330405_10153778688208165_1611406424_n Time is getting late and we have yet to rush for Costco grocery shopping, so we ended our window shopping and move to next destination! Hope you enjoy this little information and happy weekend!!


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