Memorial Day Chilling at Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hollywood

Yay! We have a long weekend with holiday, this is the first time i came across about Memorial Day, so hubby has an off day and here we went to this Seminole Hard Rock Casino. We decided to have our dinner at the Carriage Hill Plaza at Davie, FL, i would conclude that is a small Asian Town for our area as we can find all variety of Asian cuisine and Asian grocery over there. FoodTown is the big Asian food grocery where you can get all stuffs to cook for the Asian cuisine.

So, at first we decided to dine at Pho96 but we changed our mind to Brandon Asian Cuisine as we are attracted by their crispy seafood noodle and Vietnamese PorkChop Rice. Never hesitate that, we walk into the restaurant and it is quite cozy and the dining space are spacious. We ordered Fried Chicken Wings for appetizers plus the above two dishes. That portion is huge enough for both of us! The noodles are total crispy however the gravy is a little bit too salty , i give a 4 star. While the pork chop rice is amazing, it is yumm! And Chicken Wings are marinated in Vietnamese Special Sauce, it is juicy tender even after deep fried.


13330460_10153779101578165_1827325921_n 13336439_10153779101358165_528957523_n

Then we proceed to our destination after the fantastic meal, Hard Rock, we are coming!!

The signature signboard before entering the Casino, a big gigantic Hard Rock Guitar guided us to go further.



Upon arrival, yes, again the love bird is taking their selfie !!


Let me show you around first with the outdoor scenery and later follow by the indoor activities.

These are more likely a plaza with shops and restaurants around, even there are many clubs for partying. However, most of the clubs are close on the Memorial Day, so we missed out the chance to have fun at the clubs.





Shopping streets and restaurants






Nice purple palm trees decoration by the lake with colorful fountain.


Hubby told me Florida is a state with many alligators….     so they now become my friends 😛  13342141_10153779099588165_1926655081_n   Ok, it is time to go indoor !! Look at the door handle with guitar shape, it is so cool~


Casino is here, do you want to try some of your luck here?


Super big guitar with hubby


All about guitars13335182_10153779092698165_1186368907_n




Guess what? The costume wore by Prince during performance.


Historical Walls 13334548_10153779097303165_2105674601_o

Nice golden CD wall decoration13335315_10153779098593165_427635491_n  13340499_10153779096023165_470696763_o

Lady Gaga,   Micheal Jackson and Madonna at the same stage???!! wow 13340950_10153779096683165_1101436253_o

Who is your favorite? Rihanna or Shakira? shaking your bum bum ~13382168_10153779093518165_1100382791_n  Let me become singer for the night ! lol13342441_10153779092388165_2076702355_n13388938_10153779095288165_1697278882_o

We enjoy our night view at the roof top and it is so lovely.

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