Happy 4th Celebration

HAPPY 4TH EVERYBODY!!!! How was your celebration?

This is my first time for the July 4th Celebration, we had a fireworks foodie party at Cooper City Florida. They invited us to go over enjoyed over good food (eventually a side dish competition by the visitors) and great host for baking us the nice desserts too! Love it.

We arrived there a bit late and Lemongrass Chicken Wings is the side dish that we brought there.

Tada~~~~ here’s the nice chicken wings that make you drool lol well i wasn’t the main chef for this but by hubby’s brother. Authentic Thai Style Flavor! yum!~


Oh! almost forget our selfie photo!



Lets walk around the house for some site seeing

At the backyard, i was telling hubby that would it be any gator crossing by???



look at these, a long table of food and junks, geez we are going to gain big weight on the party~ lol

13617459_10153855777193165_1731783433_n  13624512_10153855776228165_1462417924_n

13625003_10153855773773165_1949740319_n 13624599_10153855773748165_673447811_n

Keep in eating eating eating… non stop… lol

Photo session with the Happy 4th backdrop!


13599710_10153855774578165_909782740_n  13595471_10153855774533165_1356593491_n

I always the baby hunter for almost every event, this round i grab a super cutie baby girl and she is just so adorable….


Finally the big show of the night, everybody was having fun and turn to party mode dancing at the backyard with music!


Lastly, we ended the party with these fantastic stunning fireworks… we are really close to the fireworks.. i am surprise that my LG Stylo cellphone snap a good job!






It make me feels like childhood with the firework sticks


And sweet memory with hubby under the sky of fireworks ..




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