First Birthday Celebration with Hubby

This is a special year for us. We celebrated the first birthday together at The States, no more long distance calls, video calls, but we are holding each other together and had dinner together! I was so excited about this and we decided to visit an Italian Restaurant on my birthday, I had several research via Yelp and filtered out this restaurant, with good reviews and comments however, i was attracted by their home made tiramisu. That’s the reason why make me choose them.

This is a restaurant with over 25 years business, so i assume their food is up to certain standard, hubby is agreed to dine at that place and he did not know about this place even he lived here for 30 years.. well he is just not adventurous enough.


We arrived at the restaurant about 6:30pm, walked to the door, guess what… they told us the entire plaza is out of power! Our heart is like .. hmm what a day… argh!! The waiters just said there would be no chance for dinner here tonight. So, hubby asked me check out another restaurant, however our heart still would love to stick to this original plan. While i checking for another place, hubby just drove around the plaza, when we are about to leave, we drove by the restaurant again, hey guess what, the power is back! Hooray! i guessed the birthday girl still has the luck! Again, we walk to the restaurant, finally we get the chance!

The decoration was cozy as we arrived quite early, so there are not many customers inside yet, we get to pick a nice table by the side, and environment was good. They have special menu for the day and display it nicely just right at the side of the entrance, a good promoting strategy and it makes us want to go back again to find out what are the other special menu on the next visit.

I was so busy checking out the menu, i want to try everything!!! 14384068_10154051475813165_1296562362_n


We ordered the minestrone soup, Parmesan Cheese chicken, Snapper fillet and the tiramisu for our dinner, the portion is huge, and the taste are so yummy! never disappointing our taste bud. We would definitely want to go back again!





Thanks to hubby that brought me to this great place and I love you babe!!



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