Star Wars Night at Marlins Park (My First Attempt for American Baseball Game)

Recently hubby and i are too busy on the weekend schedule, so i finally can manage to post this event up to the blog now. My first attempt to watch a live American Baseball Game in life, that was a game between Marlins and Braves; and it was a really brand new experience and finally i understand how this sports work! Thanks to hubby make a good coach demonstration the night before the game.

We decided to watch this game, the major reason is because of the Star Wars Night + the special edition T-shirt, which made this game a little bit different compare to the usual one. We went there pretty early around 4:30pm, right after the Miami Trolley trip at Downtown Brickell, because we did not want to miss the chance of getting that Star Wars T-shirt.


The queue was a mess, we were told to collect our T-shirt at West Plaza, and when we asked the person in charge, he just gave us very unclear information that we have to wait in the gate till 5:30pm only we can get into the main hall to get the T-shirt, however, there were a lot of people were queuing to get into the hall and why were we need to stand in outside to wait. This was ridiculous and we ignored his word and get into the hall using another gate door. It was a lucky try, and in fact the hall was full with the crowd that wanted to redeem that T-shirt.


Anyway there was a bad idea to go in that early too, we did not have our time for dinner, initial plan was redeem the T-shirt then we go out for dinner again before the game started, now we were actually stuck inside the stadium and both of us did not want to have pizza hot dog for dinner. Well there was not much options, we made a round trip to check out every food kiosk, finally we end up at the Latino Cafe that served rice! lol, we are typical Asian stomach, must eat RICE. So i had black bean and rice with chicken and hubby had the pork option instead. Nothing much to comment on the food, it was just nothing special but to fill up our hungry stomach.

In Malaysia, we can only watch this scene on the movie or TV show, and now i can actually enjoy this live with hubby!

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Cotton Candy Seller and pop corn seller!


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We had a quite good spot to watch our game, before the game, there are some Star Wars cosplay characters for photo shooting, it was actually increase some color for the entire game. There were some Star Wars performers on the ground just like the cheerleader team. Hubby was so excited as he is a big Star Wars fan and toy collector, next time i will try to show some of his collection, stay tune for that.



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The games still continuing, however we decided to leave the stadium around 10pm which was game #6 as there was a long journey to drive back to Fort Lauderdale. It was a long tiring day but so fun and now i know how American Baseball Game scored!


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