3-minutes! Simple Quick Garlic Asparagus

OK, recently i have been busy with some stuffs so i have very limited time of preparing the dinner. I have to make everything quick, simple yet yummy delicious. I just use about 3-5 minutes to get this Garlic Asparagus done for the dinner. This is full with vitamin, healthy with less oil, and very suitable for busy mom with work.



Asparagus * cut into half


Garlic oil with garlic flakes

Sesame oil

Oyster Sauce

Light soy sauce

Dried Chili Flakes



How to make:

  1. Ranch the asparagus in boiling water (i add in some olive oil and salt) for 2 minutes
  2. Mix the Seasoning in a bowl and pour onto the cook asparagus.
  3. Ready to eat!!



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