Asian Style Triangle Curry Potato Crispy Puffs

I’ve made this tiny triangle puffs as the movie snacks during our movie session at home. It is pretty simple and just simply delicious!



Potato * 250g (about 3 pcs) – cut into small tiny cubes

Onion * 150g (1/2 pc) – cut into thin slices

Garlic * 2 cloves (finely chop)

Spring Roll Wrapper * small size (cut into half)



Japanese Curry cube (medium) – 1pc

Curry powder – 1tbsp

water – 1tbsp

Salt – 1/2 tsp


How to make:

  1. Heat up the oil and stir fry the onion to become caramelized.
  2. Heat up another wok with oil, add in the garlic and onion.
  3. Add in potatoes and water mix well with the ingredients and cook until soften
  4. Add in the seasoning. (cook about 15 minutes)
  5. Please refer below image on how to do the wrapping puffs.
  6. Deep Fry it with oil and ready to serve!

13281772_10153757986033165_1840788022_n 13281814_10153757986718165_759473485_n


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