Red spinach with pork liver Soup

i guess many people just afraid the taste of the liver, well this is my favorite and believe me, all females are advised to eat this especially after menstrual cycles. Ingredients: Red spinach * 300g pork liver * 150g (slice it) Lean pork * 150g (slice it) Ginger * little bit (slice it) Garlic *Read More

Colorful Mushroom Bean Sprouts

i always love to make my meals have rainbow colors, here you go my colorful bean sprout recipe! Ingredients: mini dried shrimp * 4-5 pcs bean sprout * 600g dried mushroom * 1-2 pcs (soak in water and cut into slices) carrots * little bit (cut into slices) Black Fungus * little bit (soak inRead More

Simple Egg Veggie Lou Mein with light gravy

Ingredients: Dry noodles * 1 pack Lettuce * 4-5 leafs (cut into big cubes) Egg * 1pc Seasoning: Dark Soy Sauce * 2-3 drops (do not add too much as it might bring up bitter taste) Black pepper/ white pepper * little bit All purpose seasoning mix * little bit sesame oil * 1/2 teaRead More

Banana Berries Honey Toast & Tarik Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: For Toast — Banana * 1pc (cut into slices) Rasberry * 2-4 pcs Avocado¬† Honey * 1-2 tea spoons Sunflower seeds spread * 1 tea spoon Beverage — Milo Cocoa Powder * 3 spoons Carnation Sweetened Condense Milk * 1 tea spoon How to prepare: Toasted the Whole Wheat bread for 1 minute. CutRead More

Sweet potatoes Mung bean Barley Asian Dessert

  Ingredients: Mung beans * 100g China Barley * 100g Japanese Sweet Potatoes * 2 medium size (cut into cubes) Brown Sugar * depends   How to cook: Soak the china barley into water for overnight or minimum 3-4 hours Boiled the water and insert those china barley into a pot Keep on boiling untilRead More