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Black Fungus Powder

Black Fungus Powder

🔥 Black fungus has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, nourishing the lungs and brains, lightening the body and strengthening the aspiration, nourishing the blood, nourishing the blood, replenishing blood, and calming pain.
🔥 It is a natural tonic.
🔥 Fungus can treat hemorrhoids bleeding, cold and damp waist and leg pain.
🔥 Because fungus can moisturize the lungs and cleanse the stomach and intestines, it is one of the important health foods for textile workers and mine workers.
🔥 A study by the University of Minnesota Hospital in the United States found that black fungus can reduce blood clots, and regular consumption of fungus has a preventive effect on coronary atherosclerotic heart disease.
🔥 The protein, fat, and sugar contained in black fungus are not only essential nutrients for the human body, but also the material basis of beauty.
🔥 After its carotene enters the human body, it is converted into vitamin A, which has the effect of moisturizing the skin and hair.
🔥 Lecithin can make body fat in a liquid state in the body, which is conducive to the complete consumption of fat in the body, and promotes the movement of body fat, so that the fat distribution is reasonable and the body is well-balanced.
🔥 Fiber promotes bowel movements, promotes fat excretion, and is conducive to weight loss. The weight loss effect of black fungus is generally achieved through fungus powder.

Black Fungus Powder

Product features – Black Fungus Powder:

✅ Premium Food Grade Product
✅ 100% Natural
✅ Muslim friendly
✅ Vegan/ Vegetarian
✅ No Additives
✅ No preservatives
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Made with real fruits


Black Fungus Powder


How to use the Black Fungus Powder:

👉 Agar-agar
👉 Candy
👉 Cake
👉 Ice cream
👉 Juice
👉 Dessert
👉 Soup


Black Fungus Powder

Purchase Black Fungus Powder:

👉👉👉 Black Fungus Powder

✅ Please use only 2-3g (1/2 teaspoon) each time.
✅ Sometimes the Powder can be clumpy, but it does not affect the consumption.

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