Bread Machine Recipe: Easy Homemade Rich Pandan Flavor KAYA (Coconut Spread) 面包机简易斑兰加耶

i love this coconut spread more than other type of fruit jam, as it is rich of coconut and egg fragrance.This kaya spread can just simply add into any pastry to have the amazingly good taste. In America, there are so hard to find my hometown food, almost everything, i have to made it from scratch.

I have the pandan leafs in my patio, get ready anytime for me to cook the south east asian dishes, so yay, today i made this super yummy coconut spread with my bread machine, it has saved me a lot of time of standing beside the hot stove keep stirring the pot. While waiting, i can watch my favorite TV show, after 90 minutes, the coconut spread is ready to serve. Sound really simple right?

Coconut milk * 400ml (any brand will do, it does not have to be the brand in the photos)
Egg * 400ml (about 6-7 pcs of egg depending the size)
Sugar * 300g (can still reduce if you feel that is too sweet, i will try reduce to 280g next time)
Fresh pandan leaf * 10 stalks (cut into small pcs) / replace with pandan extract essence if you do not have the fresh one.

How to make:
1. Insert the pandan leaf and 200ml of coconut milk into the blender, crush the leafs and blend well with the coconut milk, finally use a super fine strainer to get the smooth blended coconut milk
2. Mix the ingredient in step #1 with the balance of the coconut milk.
3. Crack the eggs into a large bowl, and sift the sugar into the same bowl, beat the eggs lightly and until the sugar dissolved.
4. Get ready the bread machine, pour the both ingredients from step #2 & #3 into the bread machine. Press function #9 (Jam) to start cooking
5. Just sit back and relax for 90 minutes, tada~~ the coconut spread is ready to serve!




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