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Garlic Powder Garlic Powder 🔥 Garlic is an herb that is grown around the world. Garlic powder is a spice that is derived from dehydrated garlic and used in cooking for flavour enhancement. 🔥 Garlic powder is a popular ingredient in spice blends and dry rubs. It’s used to season meat and veggies, and provesRead More

Air Fryer High Protein Low Carb Tofu Pork Burger Patties

  This is a very popular dish among the slimming group. This is convenient and easy to prepare and keep it in the freezer during COVID-19.   High protein patties where you can substitute with different types of ground meat, either beef, turkey or chicken. But I am using ground pork this round. I amRead More

TOP 10 Food Japanese men wish their girlfriends to cook

  Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry   Chicken katsu, also known as panko chicken, or tori katsu is a Japanese dish of fried chicken made with panko bread crumbs which is also popular in Australia, Hawaii, London, California, and other areas of the world. Sourced by Wikipedia Recipe by japancentre japanese curry panko breadcrumbs Hamburger SteakRead More

Top 10 must have superfood with Recipes! (Part 2)

1) Maca powder source by medicalnewstoday MAPLE MACA AMARANTH PORRIDGE Recipe by vidyaliving dry amaranth maple syrup CASHEW MACA-MACA BUTTER recipe by keepinitkind raw macadamia nuts hemp seeds 2) Raw Cacao source by huffingtonpost & begoodorganics EASY VEGAN CHOCOLATE Recipe by minimalistbaker agave nectar Cacao nibs Cacao and Coconut Latte Recipe by bonappetit unsweetened coconutRead More

Cooking with Instant Pot during COVID-19 Enjoy International Food without Traveling

  Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Vietnam: Instant Pot Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew) Recipe by pressurecookrecipes lemongrass  cloves fish sauce fennel seeds Hong Kong: Instant Pot Pork Chops in Tomato Sauce Recipe by dev-recipes.instantpot Worcestershire sauce light soy sauce dark soy sauce Russian: Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff Recipe by jocooks   cremini mushrooms egg noodlesRead More

Cast Iron Salty Egg Golden Sand Butter Fried Tofu 咸蛋金莎奶油炸豆腐

For Asian cooking, we are familiar in using salted eggs as the cooking ingredients, in terms of adding richer taste to the dishes and reduce the amount of using salt and soy sauce. Salty eggs are made by duck eggs, which are fermented with salts and use widely to match with chicken, even tofu. IRead More