Middle Eastern Vegetarian Patties (Falafel)

Ever since i tried this in the food court, i keep thinking about its taste and i fall in love with this Middle Eastern Snacks. However, yeah i know this is not TOOOO healthy as it is deep fried food, but it is ok to have it once a while !! LOL i am tryingRead More

American Style Hainanese Chicken Rice & five spices side dishes (美式海南鸡饭配五香小菜)

With limited resources in America, here i create my own style of Hainanese Chicken Rice with less sodium and oil, which is the very healthy version of chicken rice. But it still taste as great as you are in Malaysia! Hubby tasted the original Hainanese Chicken Rice when he was on his vacation visited myRead More

Thai Sauce Tofu Hot Salad

I happened to have some creativity today, on my dish, i am not sure if there is any Tofu salad in Thailand for reality, but since i am using the Thai Spicy Sweet Sauce, so i just named it as it is.   Ingredient: Firm Tofu * 2 pcs (cut into cubes) Cucumber * 1/4Read More

3 minutes – Quick Stir Fry Asparagus with Thai Basil (3分钟热炒九层塔芦笋)

We have herbs in the garden, one of our favorite herbs, Thai Basil. So, tonight i am going to finish up the left over asparagus and create a new taste with these basil herbs. Anyway it smells so so good so i guess i must need to share with you guys! which is out ofRead More

Taiwanese Five Spices Stew Beancurd

This is a snack for Chinese during they have their glass of beer, it is just similar function as to the Nacho Chips in Western. However we can also prepare this as one of our dinner dish as beancurd is a good protein source if you think eggs are too boring sometimes. This beancurd isRead More

Crunchy Lotus Root with Pork

Lotus root is a good ingredient that used widely for soup, however, i love to have its crunchiness after stir fry it too. I’ve added some beans into the dish to add little natural protein boost other than the pork. It is to cut down the fats for the dish for diet control purposes. BlackRead More

Florida Summer Peanuts and Pickles (not sour version)

This is the recipe from China, normally pickles are famous with the sourness and eat with cold. Today, i have make little changes on this recipe, so that it can be eaten either cold or warm and sour always not our first choice, so this is a non sour version of pickles. However, it canRead More

Japanese To-fu Egg Patty with Bonito Flakes

I always try to make things simple, today, with the soft To-fu, i smashed it and mixed it with the egg, then it become the vegetarian patty, that is suitable for everybody, especially if you want to eat clean and even if you are on diet plan. Ingredients: Soft Tofu * 1/2 pc Egg *Read More

Asian Style “ikan bilis” Stir Fry green and yellow Zucchini

Summer is here! I have to make my meals even lighter and fresh in taste to boost up our appetite due to the hot weather! Lemon and vinegar is always the best friends during this season. However, never forget about the melon and squash too, they are just so juicy and refreshing to cool downRead More

Fiber Queen Celery with Crispy Pork

I used to hate celery and i have never added it into my cooking ingredient list. However, my new family, my hubby linked me up with these Fiber Queen celery and now i am in love with it ~~   here’s the celery dish with pork slice! Bon Appetit!!   Ingredient: Texas Celery * 200gRead More