Georgia the Peach State

Georgia Is located at the East Coast of North America, which is neighbored with Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and North Atlantic Ocean. Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia, which is at the North-West Region of Georgia State. Peak period to visit Georgia is during the month of May to June, and September. Georgia is a fantastic visit for tourists who love natural parks and historical sites, such as Forsyth Park, Jekyll Island and Callaway Gardens.

Okefenokee Swamp or Land of Quaking Earth is situated at Southern Georgia. It is a system of cypress swamps, swamp grassland and watercourses that covered more than 770 square miles. There are five entrances, where entrance fee is required to enter the refuge. The swamp has exceeded 10,000 alligators and many other wildlife species live in those swamp lands. The National Wildlife Refuge is launched since 1937, where the core is in between Suwannee and St Mary’s River. It is has a great habitat for those wildlife animals such as indigo snakes and wood storks. Besides animals, the refuge keeps more than 600 flora and fauna which made up one of the greatest freshwater ecosystems in the States. Visitors can walk to the observation tower to view the grassland from top. There are self-guided tour available, either rent a canoe or rent a boat with a tour guide. Also, it is a great place for hiking, fishing, photographing and camping. It is just wonderful for outdoor lovers.

Cumberland Island is just 17.5 miles long with 36,415 acres of land, is the biggest uninhabited island located at Georgia. It was originally inhabited by the Native American populations, then it is occupied by Carnegie family during winter. Cumberland Island is a historical site with ancient maritime forests. Nowadays, it is a national seashore and legislative assembled forest. Visitors can start the journey by taking the ferry at St Mary’s port, which is the only option to travel into the island. Remember to wear comfortable shoes for hiking, bring enough water and sunscreen cream to explore this wonderful place. Carnegie Dungeness mansion is one of the great spot to explore, it was build since 1884 but ruined in the 1950s by Thomas Carnegie.

Callaway Gardens, a popular leisure hub located on Pine Mountain with 14,000-arce landscapes including gardens and resorts. It is designed by a couple, Cason Callaway and Virginia Callaway since 1952. It was started with the growth of extraordinary azaleas, and today it has become a great collection of natural attractions. There are total of twelve restaurants and food chains. It has great accommodations and many shopping retails in the area. Many activities available for visitors such as Raptor Shows, Azalea Garden and Bowl, Butterfly House, artificial lakes and discovery center. There are more than thousands of butterflies inside the butterfly park. Also, it is suitable for outdoor biking with a 10-mile bicycle path. For sports lover, golf courses and TreeTop Adventure Zipline are great activities for those who like to spend a day there. Some other places such as the world biggest man-made Beach, Robin Lake with fine and white sandy beach, hosts the Masters Waterski & Wakeboard Tournament annually. This event provides a fantastic opportunity to take part in an exciting watersports activity. Callaway Garden is indeed a perfect weekend getaway for the families.

Forsyth Park is one of the must visit attractions in Savannah, Georgia. It is the biggest park in Savannah since 1800s, with covers about 30 acres of land. Originally the space was given by William Hodgson, it was later donated an extra 20 acres by John Forsyth in 1851, which made up the total size of the park. The large fountain is the main attraction of this park, which was build since 1858. The fountain is located at the North area of the park, which resembles other famous fountains from Peru and Paris. Forsyth Park is a great place for all the events and activities such as converts, sun bathing, relaxing, recreation sports and people watching. Also, there is a farmer’s market which sells local delicacies and fresh farm products every Saturday.

Jekyll Island is the tiniest barrier island in Georgia, also with another name as Millionaires Island. It is owned by the group, East Coast Millionaires with the name Jekyll Island Club. In the beginning it was a state park but today it has become the most popular resorts region with beautiful beaches, camping areas and award-winning golf course. Jekyll Island is indeed a great place for outdoor lovers with many activities namely fun-filled water park, horse riding, biking and wildlife experience. There are best known beaches in the island, Driftwood Beach and Glory Beach.

Each of the beach has their own uniqueness which caters different needs for the visitors. Driftwood Beach has been voted as the “top 10 most romantic beaches in America. Visitors can start the journey from St. Andrews with bird watching and continue to Driftwood Beach, also is a great spot for photographing as well. While the Glory Beach is located at the South of the island, with a short walking distance from Jekyll Point. There is a observation deck and beautiful scenery from St. Andrews’ freshwater pond. Visitors can experience the pristine sand dunes and smooth sea oats by walking across the 20-foot sand dunes.

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