Ginger Garlic Shrimps

Holaaa.. i am back, sorry for not updating the yummy dishes recently, As i have started new job and school, so, i am a bit behind time! Again Again, we have a seafood weekend! we love shrimps! but to make it simple, quick but to taste the original flavor of shrimps, we just steam the shrimps! sound simple huh? yeah it is very simple and very suitable for those on diet, it is without a drop of oil for the dish.



Shrimp * 1 lbs (about 10-12 pcs)

Ginger * cut it into thin slices (cover all over the shrimps)

Garlic * 5 cloves (chop finely)

Cellophane noodles * some (boil to soft in water, and drain it)

Cabbage * 4-5 leafs

Salt * to taste

Soy sauce * to taste


  1. Prepare the big baking Tray, and arrange the cabbage at the underneath layer before all the ingredients.
  2. Spread some Cellophane noodles evenly on top of the cabbage leafs *** What is Cellophane Noodles?? Check here
  3. Start arranging the Shrimps on top of the cellophane noodles
  4. Sprinkle the ginger and garlic on top of those shrimps
  5. Add Salt & Soy sauce into the pan.
  6. Heat the steaming wok until the water is hot and boiling, then start to steam the shrimp for 7 minutes

yummy shrimp is ready!!!!

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