Healthy Chicken Mix Grain Congee (No Oil Version)

I have been eating different flavor of congee for lunch to maintain the low calories meal. My kitchen is always full with mix grain such as flex seed, millet, quinoa, black rice, so this is my special version of congee without a drop of oil.


What is congee? it is a soup based of cooked rice basically white rice, cook until mushy with a mixture of side dishes to make it flavorful. Most of the side dishes are tasted salty such as pickles, salted eggs. But these are far beyond my cooking concept, so, i replaced it with shredded chicken breast, green scallion and just a pinch of carrot pickles. Of course, if you do not love pickles, then you can just add some soy sauce into it for taste.


Mix Grain (Flex seed, millet, quinoa, white rice) * depends on your appetite, here i cook for one pack, is about 1/4 rice cup

Chicken breast * 200g

Preserved turnip * 1/2 tbsp

Green scallion * 2 tbsp

light soy sauce * 1/4 tsp

white pepper * to taste

Fried garlic flakes * 1/8 tsp (i prepare the garlic oil with garlic flakes to keep in the fridge all time and take out to use whenever i need)


How to cook:

  1. Soak the grains with water for 1 hour (if you use brown rice or other oat barley, soak it for longer hour) As the grains i used are all small in size and easy to get mushy. Cook it in a small pot (add water 200ml) with low heat until it is soft and mushy with little water.
  2. Steam the entire chicken breast until cook and shredded it into slices. * no salt & oil needed at this stage
  3. Heat up the wok without oil, add the preserved turnip and garlic flakes and stir fried it till crunchy
  4. Once the congee is ready, add in the light soy sauce & white pepper.
  5. Assembly all the ingredients and sprinkles the green scallion on top.
  6. Hoola~ the congee is ready to serve.

What is preserved turnip? You can always check it in the Oriental Supermarket.

preserved turnip


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