Indiana The Hoosier State

Indiana State is located at the south of Michigan State, West of Ohio State, east of Illinois State and north of Kentucky State. Indiana is known as the 16th of the most famous states of the 50 United States. Indianapolis is the capital and the largest city of the state; It is located at the center of the Indiana.

The best period to travel to Indiana would be around Fall season, the weather is low in humidity and most of the days are sunny and comfortable temperatures between 80-65F degrees.  For those who are interested in the lakeshore Indianapolis region, they should visit during the summer season. During the month of May, many tourist find their way to The Indy 500 which is one of the most popular automobile event held each year during this time.

What makes Indiana state a good place to travel for vacation?

There are many attractions but the most popular one would be the auto racing event mentioned above. The Indiana 500 events is scheduled from 10am-6pm depending on event festivities for that month. It is certainly a joy for those who love formula racing.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
4790 W. 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222

How to get there:
There is a shuttle service available from Indianapolis International Airport to the venue, the shuttle starts at 8am. The shuttle service is departing from zone 1 “Ground Transportation” lobby. Transportation ticket can be purchase at Star of America counter. Also note that there will be three other shuttles located in other city routes. For more information, check the official Indianapolis Motor Speedway website.

There are many famous museums in Indianapolis. If you are a native art lover, The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art is for you.  The museum is located at the same venue as the White River State Park, where it is sitting at the entrance of the park. Most of the collections are contributed by a businessman named Harrison Eiteljorg. There are many paintings and sculptures displayed from the 19th centuries and on wards. Along with that, there is a fantastic collection of native Indian arts and crafts by the Taos Society which is currently displayed for all to appreciate.

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art
500 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

How to get there? By using IndyGo bus services

Let’s talk about something fun for the entire family. As you know that kids entertainment is just as important for the whole family. Introducing Children’s Museum of Indianapolis where fun and educational combines to one. This museum have many fun activities topics such as archeology, cultural, science and transportation history for all ages.  Opening hours starts from 10am to 5pm, please refer additional hours from their official website.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

How to get there:
Easy access from downtown; there are IndyGo buses services and bus stop at the museum.  The journey takes approximately 15 minutes.

For animal lovers and great for the entire family travel with kids, this is a must visit place, the Indianapolis Zoo. Let kids spend time with nature and wild life animals would be one of the best education out of the book.  The zoo opening time varies from season. Visit the official website for more information.  If going by a larger group, discount tickets are available.

There are many different events all year round, please refer details at

Indianapolis Zoo
1200 W. Washington St., Indpls, IN 46222

How to get there:
It is near to Indianapolis downtown area, about a 10 minutes drives.  Uber services can be found.

There are some historical tourist attractions for sightseeing such as Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Indiana World War Memorial and State Capitol Building. These spots are located near to one another at downtown of Indianapolis.  One can enjoy many photo opportunity of these historical building and understand some of the stories behind them.

1)    Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

2)    Indiana World War Memorial

3)    State Capitol Building

There are some unique food and beverage from Indianapolis, such as wonderful beer, delicious chocolate and home-style sandwiches.

The local brew beer from Sun King Brewery is the leader among all the other beers in Indy. This brewery is the major distributors around the United States.  The brewery has some free tasting events during weekend at specific time; do check out their website for schedule.

Address: 135 N College Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46202

Apart from the local brewery, Sun King Wee Mac have produces one of the best chocolate in town.  Ranging from their creative flavored truffles with local brewery beer from the Sun King Brewery.  The famous chocolate truffle name, the Sun King Wee Mac truffle, is made with the dark chocolate ganache and the Scottish-style beer.

Address: 880 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204

The famous Batali sandwich from Goose the Market.?Stop by and be prepare to have a fantastic lunch experience.  This is a unique food and wine shop which simply makes outstanding sandwiches.  They have a large variety of sandwiches has comes in the taste of sweet and spicy, with the layers of capocolla, soppressata, provolone, spicy coppa, tomato preserves, marinated red onions and hot giardiniera to just name a few.  Their meats are from Smoking Goose Meatery, is launched by the Goose owner, named Chris Eley three years after the shop opening.  The most popular combination would be the black truffle bologna that comes with an earthy flavor that is out of this world!

Address: 2503 N Delaware Street Indianapolis, IN 46205

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