Japanese Bento Night

Finally my online order for the Japanese Bento container is arrived! I can’t wait to use it for our dinner, it was a special dinner, however the dishes are simple, but we have the feeling of having dinner in Japanese Restaurant LOL.

That’s how silly of me trying to surprise hubby with this tricks. Made him thinking all day in the office about the surprises! Yes, i agreed sometimes this minor silly things counts in the relationship.


i have stir fried cabbage to replace Japanese potato salad, Baked Parmesan Cheese Shrimps to replace Tempura Shrimps, and homemade Wonton replaced the dumplings. Everything is fusion. Oh my soup is wakami seaweed in Miso paste. I just added some left over char siu on top, as the bento portion is way too small for hubby.

The box comes with the 6 partitions inclusive of the soup bowl with lid, the inner tray can be separated from the entire box for better cleaning, and last but not least, the box is designed like the wooden texture even it is made by PP plastic material. The cover of the box is framed by a thin red line along the rectangular edge make it look even classic.

Nothing big on the recipe side, but just sharing my new bento container in this post. Hope you love it!

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