Malaysia Style LoMaiKai (Glutinous Rice Chicken)

Okay, another food craving day for me, i was supposed to make chinese dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival. With the glutinous rice that i bought from the Asian Supermarket, i decided to make LoMaiKai before the festive. LoMaikai is actually a dimsum dish from HongKong, which is basically in the same table with SiuMai, HarGau etc. This is actually very stomach filling and it can be a lunch replaced too. But today i just made up my simple version as i don’t have some ingredients with me, here’s my creative version of LoMaiKai and hope you likes it!




Ingredients: 4 pax

Glutinous Rice * 200g

Chicken Tenderloin * 2 pcs ( cut into cubes)

Dried Mushrooms * 2 pcs (cut into half) – soak into water

Dried Shrimps * 8-10 pcs – soak into water

** keep the water that use to soak the mushroom and shrimps, it will add up more fragrance to the rice later

Seasoning A: (for glutinous rice)

Oyster Sauce * 1/2 tsp

light Soy Sauce * 1 tsp

Dark Soy Sauce * 1/4 tsp (if you want darker tone, can added up to 1/2 tsp)

White Pepper * little bit

Sesame Oil * 1/4 tsp

Five Spice Marinade * 1/4 tsp

Garlic * 1 clove (chop and dice)

Sugar * 1/8 tsp


Seasoning B: (for marinating Chicken)

Oyster Sauce * 1 tbsp

Light Soy Sauce * 1/2 tbsp

Dark Soy Sauce * 1/4 tsp

White Pepper * little bit

Ginger * little bit (chop and dice)

Garlic * 1 clove (chop and dice)

Cooking Wine * 1/2 tbsp

Sesame Oil * 1/4 tsp

Corn Starch * 1/4 tsp


Seasoning C: (Sauce)

Oyster Sauce * 1/2 tsp

Light Soy Sauce * 1/4 tsp

Sesame oil * 1/8 tsp

Water * 50ml (i mix some of the mushroom & shrimp water into it)

Sugar * 1/8 tsp

White Pepper * little bit


How to make:

  1. Prepare the glutinous rice and soak in water for 3-4 hours and stir fry the rice with cooking oil and mix in Seasoning A until every each rice is coated with the sauce, then let it set aside
  2. Marinate the chicken for 3-4 hours with seasoning B and display it nicely on the bottom of your mini bowl that we will use to make the rest of the steps. At the same time display the mushroom and dried shrimp side by side with the chicken too.
  3. After arrange all the ingredients, we can start to add in the glutinous rice into the mini bowl. I add up to 70% full of the bowl and press it hard to make it compact.
  4. Finally i add in the Seasoning C (basically each bowl is about 2 spoons or the sauce is just nice to cover the rice). Do not overflow it.
  5. Get ready the steam basket and steam the LoMaiKai for 45 minutes at high level of heats.
  6. Add in some ketchup or chili sauce to taste better.




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