Mini Kaya Soft Pancake

Kaya can be eaten as a Jam with bread or toast. It can be used as the ingredients in pastry too. Today i use it at the simple pastry, pancake, with simple ingredients, you also can enjoy the fun of baking! You do not require a mixer, oven or any special flour from the bakery material shop. This pancake only takes about 20-30 minutes to complete! And this is one of my hubby’s favorite snack!

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All purpose Flour * 250g

Baking powder * 4g

cooking oil * 3 tsp

sesame seeds * 1 tsp (toasted)

Water * 200g

Soy milk * 200g (you can replace it with milk/ almond milk)

Brown sugar * 2 tsp



Kaya Jam – use to spread on the pancake (recipe: click here)

How to make:

  1. Mix in all the ingredients and whisk it until smooth
  2. Heat up the wok and take a scoop of the mixing ingredients (about 4-5 tbsp) and spread it evenly thin in the wok. (Use non stick wok and there is no oil required for this step)
  3. Pan fry the both side of the pan cake until it is lightly golden brown color and remove from the wok
  4. Apply the kaya spread on one side of the pancake
  5. Folding the pancake to half and another half to make it look like pizza shape

Due to kaya Jam is very sweet, so i didnt add in any sugar onto the mixing. However, some people may just eat this pancake without the Jam, 50-80g of sugar can be added while mixed in the ingredients.



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