Nevada the Silver State

Nevada is located at the West of North America which is bordered by California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. The peak period for visiting Nevada is within March till April and October till November with comfortable weather just like spring season. Most of the tourists are looking forward to visit Las Vegas, which is the city never sleeps; however, there are still many other great tourist spots other then Las Vegas in Nevada. Those places are either from modern downtown or historic town to natural scenery, depends on one’s preferences.

The first place tourists will definitely visit is The Strip, Las Vegas. The Strip are famous around the world and brought about 40 million tourists annually. Large amount of hotels and resorts, entertainment facilities, theaters and restaurants filled up the entire strips with lights decorations. It is one of the gleaming locations on earth by seeing it from space.

Remember to stop by the Bellagio for the dancing fountain show, which cost $40 million dollars to build it. There are three sessions daily, each session is 30 minutes long. Also, visitors can explore the European scenery by riding the gondola at the Venetian, or have a romantic walk around the Eifel Tower with love ones. Thrilling rides are available at the Stratosphere and there are retails shops accessible at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Visit the casinos to have some bets placed, the lucky ones might enjoy free dinner with winning bets.

Lake Tahoe is located in between Nevada and California, which is to the West of Carson City. With the length of 22 miles, it is famous as it is the 2nd deepest lake in United State. Washoe people populated here originally but now it is a popular ski resorts for activities such as fishing, water skiing, boating and hiking. Nevada State Park covers about 55 acres of forested area, rock coves and beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Water sports and activities are available inclusive scuba-diving. Never forget to spend some time at Carson City, the historical city including the Capitol Building of Nevada State and museum. Walking along the Blueline Trail is completely worth an exploration, there are several art galleries and performances at the downtown Art Centers. Visitors can spend some time shopping for some nice gifts and jewelry.

The most ancient state park of Nevada, The Valley of Fire is situated an hour away from Las Vegas, which is at around the North-East region. There are exceeded 42,000 acres of area which was existed for 150 million years ago. The giant sand dunes were formed since the dinosaurs era, but humans started to habitat about 3,000 years ago. The landscape is rugged, formed by the some sand dunes and is perfect for outdoor activities, namely hiking and wildlife viewing. Those sand dunes turned red when sunshine points at the perfect angles which brought the uniqueness of this amazing state park. The most attractive point is the formations of red Aztec Sandstones, with the shapes arches and loops. It obtained the name “cubbyhole” caves. During summer the temperatures is up to 120 F which can cause heat stroke, so it is advisable to bring enough water to cooling down and stay hydrated for the entire day.

Hoover Dam is 726 feet height and 1,244 feet width, it is located about 45-minute driving distance from Las Vegas. The dam includes Lake Mead, which is the biggest reservoir in United State. It is also a National Historic Landmark. The lake is crossing at the border of Northwest Arizona and Southeast Nedava. Hoover dam is built on the Great Depression period to create more working opportunities during that time. Its main function is to provide hydroelectric power to California, Nevada and Arizona. Visitors can have the options to either tour the dam by helicopter or walk along the pedestrian bridge. There are activities like exploring the flora and fauna surrounding, water rafting or kayaking. There is an observation deck on the third floor, to enjoy some prominent views. One of the best activity is to take a ride on the paddle wheel boat across Lake Mead, which is about 112 miles long. The visitor center which is located at the side of Nevada Canyon and this place provides details of the dam with photos and short film.

Heli-Ski is definitely popular for adventurous seekers at Ruby Mountains. It is located between Salt Lake City and Reno. It provides some amazing skiing spaces synchronized with Nevada’s Swiss Alps. Skiers pick their own unique skiing route, which can never be in the same route with other skiers. The entire skiing range caters best terrain with big mountain powder. There are 10 mountain peaks which is exceeded 11,000 feet with averagely of 300 inches of dry desert snow yearly. There are tour packages available for visitors if they feel exploring alone is rather risky. Heli-Experience package are available and it includes of three days skiing experiences, meals provided, tools & gears supplies and accompanied by a professional tour guide.

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