Nyonya Red Bean Coconut Cake

This is one of my all time favorite cake when i live in Malaysia. Always i can find this cake selling on the street and it is just so delicious. No matter how many times i had, i will still always craving for this dessert! with the coconut milk fragrance and the red bean paste, it can be served either HOT or GOLD. My version is a bit soft on the cake part as i use water chestnut flour as the based. There are many version of making this cake, however, i always prefer simple ingredients so that my house will not pile up with thousand types of flours and ingredients. Try this, if you love red bean too!



Red bean * 130g

Water * 125g (i replaced part of the water with the red bean water, you can do it 6/4 or 8/2, if you use more red bean water, the cake will turn more red brownish, more water cake will become white or pinky)

Water chestnut powder * 125g

white sugar * 100g

brown sugar * 50g

Thick coconut milk * 400ml (1 can)


How to make:

  1. Soak the red bean for 5 hours then cook the red bean with rice cooker until it is soften. Once the red bean become soft i added 3 tbsp brown sugar onto it. After 30 minutes, separated the bean from the water and keep both
  2. Separated the thick coconut to two portions, Pot A (30%) and Pot B (70%) each in two different pot.
  3. Add the white sugar and brown sugar into the Pot A and put on top of the stove and melt the sugar with the coconut milk. Then add in the red bean continue heating up up to 60-70c. (you will not see bubble boiling on the pot)
  4. Add the water chestnut powder to Pot B with a strainer mesh and whisk it lightly with the coconut milk until smooth texture. (The directions of whisking it must go with the same direction – it is better follow clock wise)
  5. Add 2/5 portion of Pot B into Pot A, Stir it non stop on the heat until it become a little thick gravy. (about 10 minutes – the heat is still below 100c as it is still no boiling bubbles on the pot). Turn off the stove immediately and add the remaining Pot B ingredients onto Pot A. Mixing it well and prepare to mold it
  6. Here i use two molds, one is 6 pcs muffin mold and another one is square 6 inch mold. I apply both mold with a thin layer of olive oil and scoop the ingredients onto the mold.
  7. Heat up the wok with water, now we need to steam the cake. Once the water in the wok is boiling, start cover up the wok and steam for 30 minutes.
  8. Set it cold and fridge the cake inside the refrigerator (minimum 2 hours)
  9. You can now remove the cake from the mold and cut into your desired shape.


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Photos of the ingredients :

Red bean

red bean

Water chestnut powder

water chestnut powder

Thick coconut milk


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