Paprika Chicken Fillet

It has been a while since my last update, recently i cook soooo simple which i think it is not worth a while to spend my time to write on the blog recipe. Two days ago, finally i created a new chicken meal with the new spices and well i would say chicken would never go wrong with any spice.



Chicken Tenderloin * 4-5 slices (cut into cubes)

Colorful pepper bells * 1/2 green, 1/2 red, 1/2 yellow (cut into cubes)

Garlic * 2 cloves (chop finely)

Marinated seasoning:

Paprika powder * 1 tbsp

Cayenne Pepper * 1/2 tbsp

Salt * 1/2 tsp

Black Pepper * a pinch



How to cook:

  1. Marinated the chicken tenderloin with the seasoning for 2 hours
  2. Heat up the frying pan with garlic, stir fry until fragrance, add in the chicken tenderloin.
  3. Stir fry the chicken tenderloin until you see minor scorched on the surface
  4. Add in the colorful pepper bells and mix it into the chicken tenderloin and continue stir fry for 3-4 minutes
  5. Ready to serve!



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