Rich Protein Soy bean Wai San Stew Pork

i always want to create a balance meal for each of my dish, so normally for the stew pork with wai san and carrot is good enough for the taste but to add in the soy bean, it just have additional protein and texture to the entire dish. Try it!


Pork * 300g (cut into cubes)

Wai San * 150g (cut into cubes)

carrot * 80g (cut into cubes)

soy bean * 30g (about 50 beans)

Garlic * little bit (dice it)


Dark Soy Sauce * 1/2 tea spoon

Oyster Sauce * 1 spoon

Sesame oil * little bit

Black pepper * little bit

Marinated seasoning:

Corn starch * 1 tea spoon

soy sauce * 1 tea spoon

black pepper * little bit

White pepper * little bit


Marinated the pork with the marinated seasoning for 3-4 hours

How to cook:

  1. Fried the pork cubes until 80% cook (7-8 mins) and set aside
  2. Cook soy bean in the clay pot for at least 45 mins and add in the wai san and carrot continue to cook
  3. Add in little bit of black pepper and continue cooking until everything is soften
  4. Add in the pre-cook pork cubes and continue to stew it for 30 mins until it is soft and tender
  5. Add in the dark soy sauce and oyster sauce simultaneously .
  6. Finally add in the sesame oil and serve!

Photos of the ingredients are shown below :

Wai San

wai shan



soy bean

soy bean

Dark Soy Sauce


Oyster Sauce


Sesame oil


Corn starch


soy sauce


White pepper


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