Simple Egg Veggie Lou Mein with light gravy



Dry noodles * 1 pack

Lettuce * 4-5 leafs (cut into big cubes)

Egg * 1pc


Dark Soy Sauce * 2-3 drops (do not add too much as it might bring up bitter taste)

Black pepper/ white pepper * little bit

All purpose seasoning mix * little bit

sesame oil * 1/2 tea spoon

Ketchup  (tomato sauce) * 1 spoon

How to prepare:

  1. Boil the noodles in the water until soft. Tips: Insert noodle into the water once water is boiling, not insert into the cold water.
  2. Add in few drops of oil into the water to prevent the noodle become stick together
  3. Once the noodles become soft, take it out from the pot and rinse it under cold water. Tips: To make the texture of the noodle better.
  4. Boil the lettuce for 2 minutes, bring it out from the pot and set aside.
  5. Fried egg with 2 drops of cooking oil
  6. Mix all the seasoning into the noodles and make it evenly all over the noodles.
  7. Decorating the lettuce and egg on top of the noodles
  8. Finally add the Ketchup on top of the egg for best taste.

Photos of the ingredients are shown below :

Dry noodle


Dark soy Sauce


Black pepper


white pepper


All purpose seasoning mix


sesame oil


ketchup (tomato sauce)


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