Simple Jamaican Jerk Curry Chicken

Hubby always crave for Jamaican jerk curry chicken, we usually just grab it at the Caribbean restaurant nearby our home. But today he brought back a jar of Jamaican Jerk curry paste, and a bag of cut chicken parts. I knew he is looking forward to eat for dinner today! However, i just do it in a simple fusion way instead of the traditional style. So this is very simple, as i have the Jamaican Jerk Curry Paste ready in hand, i just need a ceramic pot to boil everything in. With 4 main ingredients, sound very simple and quick one huh, let’s start!


Jamaican Jerk Curry Paste – 3 tbsp

ChickenĀ  – 400g (cut into cubes)

Purple onion – 1/2 pc (slices)

Green Scallion – decoration purposes


  • Heat up the ceramic pot with Jamaican Jerk Curry Paste with medium heat
  • Fried the Jamaican Jerk Curry Paste until fragrance
  • Add in the chicken cuts and stir fried to mix well with the paste
  • Add in the water to just cover all the chicken and cook until it is boiled in high heat
  • Cover the ceramic pot with lid, simmer for 20-30 minutes in low heat
  • Sprinkle the purple onion & green scallion
  • Ready to serve!

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