Millet Powder

Skincare Bajra Millet Powder 10g DIY Beauty Facial Mask

Millet Powder

Skincare Serbuk Millet Bajra Flour 10g DIY Beauty Facial Mask DIY Moisturizing Whitening Collagen 100% Semula Jadi


⭕️ 100% Natural & Fresh
⭕️ Vegetarian
⭕️ Muslim friendly
⭕️ Premium cosmetic grade
⭕️ Easy storage
⭕️ Long shelf life
⭕️ Pure & Potent
❌ No preservatives
❌ Non-GMO
❌ No animal fats ingredients

⭕️ Moisturizing
⭕️ Collagen
⭕️ Whitening

How to use:
📍 Beauty facial mask powder
Mix 2-3g powder with eggwhite/ water/ milk/ honey/ yogurt to make a thick paste

Millet Powder

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