Ginger Chili Salted Beans Stew Fish

I hardly cook fish, first thing, hubby dislike to eat fish and the skills of cooking fish dish could be troublesome. However, we always get fish supplies from MIL so… i still have to do it once a while! I was thinking should i do tomato sweet sour fish or something spicy salty, here, iRead More

Asian Style Triangle Curry Potato Crispy Puffs

I’ve made this tiny triangle puffs as the movie snacks during our movie session at home. It is pretty simple and just simply delicious! Ingredients: Potato * 250g (about 3 pcs) – cut into small tiny cubes Onion * 150g (1/2 pc) – cut into thin slices Garlic * 2 cloves (finely chop) Spring RollRead More

Japanese To-fu Egg Patty with Bonito Flakes

I always try to make things simple, today, with the soft To-fu, i smashed it and mixed it with the egg, then it become the vegetarian patty, that is suitable for everybody, especially if you want to eat clean and even if you are on diet plan. Ingredients: Soft Tofu * 1/2 pc Egg *Read More

Asian Style “ikan bilis” Stir Fry green and yellow Zucchini

Summer is here! I have to make my meals even lighter and fresh in taste to boost up our appetite due to the hot weather! Lemon and vinegar is always the best friends during this season. However, never forget about the melon and squash too, they are just so juicy and refreshing to cool downRead More

Fiber Queen Celery with Crispy Pork

I used to hate celery and i have never added it into my cooking ingredient list. However, my new family, my hubby linked me up with these Fiber Queen celery and now i am in love with it ~~   here’s the celery dish with pork slice! Bon Appetit!!   Ingredient: Texas Celery * 200gRead More

Spicy Dark Sauce Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli & Udon with Pork

Ingredients: Ingredient  A – Rice Vermicelli * 1 pack Udon * 1 pack Ingredient B – Bean Sprouts * 100g Ingredient C – Pork * 150g (marinated in black pepper, soy sauce and corn starch for 3-4 hours) Seasoning: Dark Soy Sauce * 2-3 drops (do not add too much as it might bring upRead More

Salted Sour Veggie with Boneless Chicken Drumstick

Ingredients: Chicken Drumsticks * 3 pcs (remove bones and slice it) Onion * 1/2 pc (slice it) Salted sour veggie * little bit (soak in the water for 15-20 minutes rinse it dry and slice it) Garlic * little bit (cut into cube) Chili * 1 pc Green scallions * little bit Seasoning: Dark soyRead More

Sweet potatoes Mung bean Barley Asian Dessert

  Ingredients: Mung beans * 100g China Barley * 100g Japanese Sweet Potatoes * 2 medium size (cut into cubes) Brown Sugar * depends   How to cook: Soak the china barley into water for overnight or minimum 3-4 hours Boiled the water and insert those china barley into a pot Keep on boiling untilRead More