Japanese Teriyaki Cast Iron Grill Jumbo Squid

We have been searching to have this jumbo squid for quite some time, finally we found these in one of the frozen department. So tonight will be a Japanese dinner night for us, with teriyaki grill jumbo squid, white radish pork ball soup, and it is good fit to our balance low carb diet day.Read More

Cast Iron Grill Turkey Satay in Lemongrass Skewer

Let’s have some fun in the summer. Again i love using the cast iron to do indoor grill at my tiny kitchen In Asia, we usually use chicken or beef to do Satay, but i would like to go for a healthier version by using turkey breast as the main ingredients. I got the lemongrass fromRead More

Oriental Char Siu BBQ Chicken

Char Siew is the way of Hong Kong cooking style that basically involved in Roasted and BBQ with unique sweet gravy. Most of the time, it is cooked with pork, however, since i have chicken at home, i will do it in my way 🙂 As result it turns out tender and crispy at theRead More