10 Best Must Order Hong Kong Dim Sum List

10 Best Must Order Hong Kong Dim Sum List 10 Best Must Order Hong Kong Dim Sum List 1. Har Gow (Dim Sum Shrimp Dumplings) Recipe 2. Siu Mai (Shumai – Chinese Steamed Dumplings) Recipe 3. Shrimp Cheung Fun (Har Cheung) Recipe 4. Egg Tarts (Hong Kong style) Recipe 5. Steamed Chicken Feet in BlackRead More

Keto Sushi Pork Rolls

sometimes we running out of time to prepare dinner after work, so i love prepared some snacks to keep in freezer during urgency moment. This is a keto fit recipe with pork, can be cook in various ways such as steam or pan fried. These rolls can be replaced as the ordinary “dimsum” in theRead More

Butterfly Pea Flower Glutinous Rice Chicken (Lor Mai Kai) 蝶豆花糯米鸡

Lor Mai Kai is one of the popular plate at Chinese Dim Sum series. It is made with sticky rice or glutinous rice and other savory ingredients, typically can only be found from oriental market. A basic Lor Mai Kai is a mixed and match as you can have the freedom mixing different ingredients toRead More

Malaysia Style LoMaiKai (Glutinous Rice Chicken)

Okay, another food craving day for me, i was supposed to make chinese dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival. With the glutinous rice that i bought from the Asian Supermarket, i decided to make LoMaiKai before the festive. LoMaikai is actually a dimsum dish from HongKong, which is basically in the same table with SiuMai, HarGauRead More