Fujian Chinese Pancake Snacks 福建芽菜虾米饼 (Veggie and Shrimps)

Okay, my family was originated from Fujian Province, China, Fujian Chinese Pancake Snacks 福建芽菜虾米饼 is the snack that simply delicious and easy to make. Almost every family has its own version, but it is relatively simple in ingredients preparation. But I have added some extra ingredients to have better textures. Fujian Chinese Pancake Snacks 福建芽菜虾米饼Read More

Baked Eight Treasures Duck (焗烤八宝鸭)

  This is the first time ever we gotten a whole duck from the market. We usually just dine in the Chinese restaurant if we craved for ducks. However, i am giving the duck a trial cooking in my own kitchen. Eight treasures duck is a very traditional Chinese dish from Fu-Jian Province, China. WhyRead More