Delish Low Carb Cast Iron Grill Mini Sweet Peppers Stuffed Ground Pork

Ground pork can be used in many ways, making meatballs, boil soup, meat patties and also stuffed into vegetables. Usually i will get the ground pork from oriental market. Then marinated with different flavor depends what do i want to do with it. Since i have a big bag of mini sweet peppers, i decidedRead More

Spanish Yellow Rice Pollo Tropical Set

Tonight i made something different, no more Asian. We bought yellow rice from Publix, then i decided to do something Spanish Fusion. Hubby loves eating Pollo Tropical, this is one of the grill chicken chain store all over in America. So, oven baked chicken drumstick has become our main ingredient. Ingredient: Publix Spanish Yellow RiceRead More

Vietnamese Garlic Chives Spring Rolls

Hubby’s family has a lot of fresh garden vegetables, this week we harvest quite a number of chinese chives (Garlic Chives), i decided to do fusion snack with Vietnamese spring roll wraps. Garlic chives is good for men, especially tonify the kidney. Besides, it raises appetites, prevent inflammation, beautify the skin. This is indeed aRead More

Asian Style Lemon Chicken Chop

Have many lemons in the fridge to clear, so i decided to make the lemon chicken chop for a change! without fancy decoration but the taste is amazingly surprised me.   Ingredient: Chicken thighs * 2 pcs (skinless for healthier way) Lemon * 1 pc (1/2 pc for juice, 1/2 pc cut into slices) onionRead More