Traditional Mushroom Yam Rice 古早味香菇芋头油饭

Yesterday, i made a traditional taste yet simple dish for dinner, and hubby liked it so much. This is a One pot rice with mushrooms, shrimps and the main ingredient, Chinese Taro (Yam). With it’s fluffy texture, it made the rice taste so yummilicious and i believed if you like Chinese food you will definitelyRead More

Healthy Chicken Mix Grain Congee (No Oil Version)

I have been eating different flavor of congee for lunch to maintain the low calories meal. My kitchen is always full with mix grain such as flex seed, millet, quinoa, black rice, so this is my special version of congee without a drop of oil. What is congee? it is a soup based of cookedRead More

Stir Fried Colorful Mix Veggies

This is a night filled with colorful veggies. Look at the combination of the colors, red, yellow, orange, green! i love seeing those colors and here’s our dinner ! Healthy, clean and tasty! Ingredients: Broccoli * 150g Carrot * 50g Red / Yellow Bell peppers * each 1/4 pcs Garlic * 1 clove (dice it)Read More

chrysanthemum Wolf Berries Tea (菊花枸杞茶)

The highlights is not about the muffin, but it’s about the flower tea by the side. The Chrysanthemum with Goji Tea is good for body detoxification and brighten your eye sight. Drink the tea for better digestion too, especially after those two sweet muffins~   Ingredients: (portion for two)   Chrysanthemum * 20g (can getRead More