Oriental Stir Fry Armoniche Italian Egg Pasta

On the weekly food preparation, pasta is considered as most simple way of dishes. Today i made pasta without sauces, but i stir fry it in oriental methods. Without sauces, the pasta can last longer and it will not go soggy as you reheat with microwave. I bought the Armoniche Italian Egg pasta at AldiRead More

Whole Wheat Linguine Alfredo with Mushroom and Chicken Sausage

Today is our CHEAT day!! yuhoo~~ hubby is hooray because finally he gets the chance to eat spaghetti. Actually i am just taking this chance to clear off the stocks from the cabinet, where the whole wheat linguine have been sitting there for many months. I am going to make it with ready sauce, notRead More

Meatball Herbs Elbows Protein Plus Pasta (Tomato Paste)

here’s when meatballs met pasta, they are just matched so perfectly in taste. Of course we can’t left the tomatoes alone, the inseparable buddy for them~ Ingredients: Barilla Protein Plus Elbows pasta * 100g Pork * 100g (ground pork – to make meatball) Prego Italian Sauce (Tomato Garlic Basil) * 3 tbsp Tomato Ketchup *Read More