Healthy Chicken Mix Grain Congee (No Oil Version)

I have been eating different flavor of congee for lunch to maintain the low calories meal. My kitchen is always full with mix grain such as flex seed, millet, quinoa, black rice, so this is my special version of congee without a drop of oil. What is congee? it is a soup based of cookedRead More

Florida Summer Peanuts and Pickles (not sour version)

This is the recipe from China, normally pickles are famous with the sourness and eat with cold. Today, i have make little changes on this recipe, so that it can be eaten either cold or warm and sour always not our first choice, so this is a non sour version of pickles. However, it canRead More

Salted Sour Veggie with Boneless Chicken Drumstick

Ingredients: Chicken Drumsticks * 3 pcs (remove bones and slice it) Onion * 1/2 pc (slice it) Salted sour veggie * little bit (soak in the water for 15-20 minutes rinse it dry and slice it) Garlic * little bit (cut into cube) Chili * 1 pc Green scallions * little bit Seasoning: Dark soyRead More