Malaysian Style Onion Spicy Shrimp

Was wanted to follow a recipe from a friend, however, i decided to amend a little and there to become my own taste, so here i have my Malaysia style Onion Spicy Shrimp. Today’s dinner is a little bit heavy as i use cooking oil to fry the shrimp. But if you can try usingRead More

Stir Fry Thai Style Spicy Purple Onion Hong Kong Kai Lan

Get a mixture of Asian ingredients and put it together become a fresh new recipe! Ingredient: Hong Kong Kai Lan * 500g Purple Onion * 1/4 pcs (cut into slices) Dried Shrimp * 4-5 pcs Chili * 1 pc (dice it) ginger * little bit (dice it) garlic * 1 clove (dice it)   Seasoning:Read More