Ready-to-Go Tomato Garlic Sauce Seafood Plate

When you have no time to cook, pre-packed box food always the good mate to make your dinner ready in a click! However, i love to add in own ingredients to make the pre-packed box food become a better grade, so here’s my simple quick seafood plate for the dinner. Added in fresh basil fromRead More

Tomato Rosemary Cheese Baked Chicken Thighs

Recently we had our blood test report done, and my report is perfectly good but that’s a little risk for hubby. He is high in triglyceride and LDL level, where the doctor advises him to take some fish oil. I decided to change our WOE to the low carb high fat which is believed canRead More

Tomato Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Finally, there was a not so busy Sunday, I have a little time slot of making these tiny pork meatballs. Sweet and sour sauce with tomato are always easy to use with pork, chicken, fish and even vegetarian dish eg Tofu. Since i seldom make pork dish recently, i guess it is time to make some meatballsRead More

Homestyle Spanish Seafood Paella (西班牙番茄海鲜泡饭)

This is a challenge for myself, i am trying to make the Spanish food at home, with some spice substitution. Not the very authentic type but try my best to make it close. Since we have all the ready seafood in the kitchen, this is the best time to cook the seafood paella, that isRead More

Luo Song Tong (No Beef version)

As i do not take beef, so most of the dishes are non beef version. However i will try to create some beef related for my lovely hubby, do stay tune for the upcoming beef meals. This luo song tong is basically a non meat version, however i have added in some chicken drumstick bonesRead More