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What is anchovy?

An anchovy is a small, typical forage fish of the household Engraulidae. Many types are discovered in aquatic waters, however a number of will certainly enter briny water and some in South America are limited to fresh water

The taste of anchovy

These fish preference pretty fishy as well as salty– which can make them overwhelming if you don’t recognize exactly how to balance their taste. Anchovies likewise have a 5th preference, called umami, a savory preference discovered in foods high in the amino acid glutamate. Anchovies are commonly filleted, salt-cured and also tinned in oil.

How to utilize dried anchovy?

The small anchovies are excellent for eating: It can be sauté them with chile, garlic and sesame oil and consume them as a treat.

As dressings, it can be consumed along with noodle and also rice or congee, also you can eat as appetizer with peanuts or pickles.


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