Tomato Rosemary Cheese Baked Chicken Thighs

Recently we had our blood test report done, and my report is perfectly good but that’s a little risk for hubby. He is high in triglyceride and LDL level, where the doctor advises him to take some fish oil. I decided to change our WOE to the low carb high fat which is believed can help in this condition.

Started from that point, i hardly cook something which is unfit to that WOE due to it requires quite some strict ingredients for cooking. Also, we eat less processed food but focus on the original shape food.

I do not calculate how much macro about this whole dish, but the ingredients is definitely fit into the LCHF way of eating. lets start!


Fresh Tomato * 3 pcs (cut into small pcs)

Fresh button mushroom * 7-8 pcs (cut into small pcs)

Chicken thighs * 4 pcs (with skin + bones)

Provolone Slice Cheese * 1 pc

Thai basil * 1 stalk

Rosemary * 1 tsp (dried)

Cilantro * 1/2 tsp (dried)

Unsalted Butter * 1.5 tsp

Coconut oil * 1 tsp

Garlic * 1 tsp

Pasta sauce * 4 tsp

Himalaya Pink Salt * to taste

Black pepper * to taste

How to cook:

  • Heat the Ceramic Pot with butter, coconut oil and garlic. Stir until fragrance.

Check out the ceramic pot that i used. Love it so much with the equally heat up and keep warm effect.

  • Add in the tomato cubes and mushroom to cook until soften
  • Add in the chicken thighs and stir fry with the tomatoes.
  • Add water to be able to cover the chicken thighs
  • Cover the lid and let the chicken cook until soften
  • Add in the pasta sauce
  • Add in pink salt, black pepper, rosemary and cilantro
  • Add in the cheese slice and basil
  • Cook the entire pot for extra 2-3 minutes and let the lid cover after turn of the fire.
  • Ready to serve!

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