Top 10 Korean Street Food that you can make at Home


1. Tteokbokki (Spicy Stir-fried Rice Cakes) 떡볶이

Recipe by koreanbapsang

tteokbokki tteok 

eomuk fish cake

anchovy broth


gochugaru (Fine)

2. Eomuk Tang (Korean Fish Cake Soup) 어묵

Recipe by mykoreankitchen

dried kelp

dried anchovy

3. Korean Pork Trotters Classic & Spicy Jokbal 족발

Korean rice syrup

licorice root slice

4. KIMCHI-PPANG (Kimchi Pork Buns) 김치빵

Recipe by Maangchi


Fermented kimchi

5. BINDAETTEOK (Mung Bean Pancake) 빈대떡 

Recipe by beyondkimchee

dried split mung beans

rice vinegar

6. KIMBAP (Seaweed Rice Rolls) 김밥

Recipe by mykoreankitchen

dried seaweed sheets

imitation crab sticks


7. GYERAN-BBANG (Korean Egg Bread) 계란빵

Recipe by thetummytrain

8. CROISSANT BUNGEOPPANG (Goldfish Bread) 붕어빵

Recipe by 196flavors

taiyaki pan

sweetened azuki bean paste

9. Korean GAMJA HOT DOG 감자핫도그

Recipe by kirbiecravings

spicy mayonnaise

10. DAKGANGJEONG (KFC Korean Fried Chicken) 닭강정

Recipe by chefjulieyoon

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