Top 10 Popular Japanese Sushi Buffet with RECIPES


Important Tools:


Sushi Making Kit


1. Spider Sushi Roll/ Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll


Recipe by avocadopesto

soft shell crabs



alfalfa sprouts



seaweed sheets






spicy mayo


2. Caterpillar Sushi Roll

Recipe by izzycooking

short grain sushi rice



sushi vinegar





3. Dragon Sushi Roll

Recipe by justonecookbook

Unagi Sauce



black sesame seeds



tempura batter mix


4. California Roll

Recipe by justonecookbook

cooked crab meat



Japanese mayonnaise









5. Spicy Tuna Roll

Recipe by justonecookbook

sashimi-grade tuna 



Sriracha sauce


6. Boston Roll

Recipe by izzycooking

7. Vegan Dynamite Roll

Recipe by olivesfordinner

grapeseed oil






8. Philadelphia Roll

Recipe by peasandcrayons

smoked salmon


9. California Crunch Sushi Roll

Recipe by flypeachpie


imitation crab meat



oyster sauce


10. Shrimp Tempura Roll

Recipe by dinneratthezoo

tempura shrimp


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