Variety Chinese Sausages

Que Huong Chinese Style Sausage 白油肠 10oz

喜上喜 First Grade Chinese Brand Sausage 一级白油肠12 oz


喜上喜Chinese Brand Sausage (No Nitrite Added) 玫瑰露腊肠 12oz

Harbor Sausage Chinese Brand Pork Sausages 海港腊肠玫瑰露腊肠16 oz


Khuus Chinese Brand Sausage Pork & Chicken  七喜鸡猪肉玫瑰露香肠 16 oz


Orchard Sausages Lap Cheong Chinese Style Sausage (Mei Kuei Lu) 14 oz


Orchard Sausages Chinese Style Sausage with Duck Liver 奇有腊味鸭肝腊肠 14 oz


Orchard Sausages Chinese Style Sausage (Grain Alcohol) 酒香廣式臘腸 14 oz 


Vital SzeChuan Spicy Sausage 唯他古方秘制麻辣香肠 283g


Venus Brand Taiwan Cured Chinese Style Sweet Sausage 金星台湾香肠 12oz




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