Washington the Evergreen State

Washington State is located at the far West of Northern America and border with Canada. It also neighbor with Idaho State at the East and Oregon State at the South. The best time to visit is during Summer which is from July till September. At this period, visitors can do all sorts of outdoor activities such as mountain hiking, cycling, boating and fishing. The summer season is short, therefore; there will be crowded for just about most of the attractions. Other than this season, the weather are mostly cold and damp. During the winter season, hiking trail are usually closed. Snowshoeing and snow boarding is the popular activities offer on winter.

Located at the North-West of Washington State, the Olympic National Park offers great opportunity to explore the wonderful state. The park covers about one million acres. It is a wilderness preserve for different ecosystems such as alpine mountain, glacier-capped mountains and more than 70 miles of ocean coastline. The park is selected as a worldwide UNESCO Heritage site with many highlights including SolDuc Hot Springs and Hoh Rain Forest.

The Hoh Rain Forest is the top highlighted spot where it offers a challenging landscape to hike on Mount Olympus. Along the journey, there are many great scenery where the visitors can also watch the elks wander freely in the park. With the uniqueness of natural landscape, hiking is the best activity for adventurous visitors to explore the park. There are hiking trails designated for different fitness levels. Alternatively, visitors can go biking, canoeing, and kayaking to see the lakes in different angles. Tour on Lake Quinault with some cruises, visitors can enjoy seeing the wildlife such as black bears and birds.

Another important attraction that are not to be missed, visitors could enjoy a relaxation session at the SolDuc Hot Spring where they offer one freshwater pool and three hot springs with different minerals.

There are four famous National Park of Washington State, which are located from North to South. Mount Baker-Snoqualmie, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier. Starting from Mount Baker-Snoqualmie and North Cascades, both runs on the gradients of the Cascade Mountains from the Canadian boundary. There are broad range of outdoor activities such as water ski, hiking, mountain climbing and forest cabin rental. Glacier is the small town nearest to the peak that provides limited amenities such as lodging and restaurants. The total length of 60 miles of scenery stretch gives visitors opportunities to stop at different places to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Another popular stops are Heather Meadows, Artist Point and Nooksack Falls, where the best time to visit is during August and September. North Cascades provides a 400 miles hiking trails which is suitable for visitors with elderly or children with a great chance to enjoy wildlife watching. For instance Wildlife such as gray wolves and grizzly bears, while camping and picnicking. Diablo Lake, is a reservoir dam offers boat tours where visitors get to enjoy the stunning view of the lake with turquoise hue which is surrounded by glaciers.

Continue heading to the South, Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in Washington, also another volcanoes chain of Cascade Mountains. Mount Tacoma is also known by the name Mountain Reinier. It is a visible landmark from Olympia and Seattle. This park is open all year round, permitting visitors to do summer hiking and winter snowshoeing.

Paradise Vista is one of the more popular easy hiking trail especially for kids and elderly. Also, there are more than 40 different trails available to adventurous lovers. Cycling is another popular activity, however, it is not allowed on the hiking trails. There are several campgrounds available for camping where visitors can enjoy and get some rest under the stars.

Spent a little time at Downtown Seattle to feel the local fresh food, cultural and historical background of Seattle. Pike Market is famous among tourists and even the local residents. The market offers a large variety of kiosks and eateries around. Ranging from fresh seafood, farm produce and beautiful flowers. Enjoy the cultural craft and art items and listening to very talented street musicians performance is truly one of the best activities to do. There are also numerous museums that fit almost all different visitor interests such as Wooden Boats Center, EMP Museum, Museum of Flight and Living Computer Museum. To get the full experience of the entire Seattle, visitors should visit the Space Needle, which was launched on 1962 World’s fair.

Another unique Washington attraction would be Leavenworth, or also named as Bavarian Village. The Bavarian heritage is remained in this community where the local residents are still wearing the cultural costume, lederhosen and playing musical instruments named alphorn. The entire community is adapted to Germany architectural culture, where German festival such as Oktoberfest is celebrated annually in the month of October. This is definitely a great time to enjoy German delicacies and beers during that month. If you are a history lover, don’t forget to explore the Market Square (Der Markt Platz) and learn about the town’s history.