Wyoming the Equality State

Wyoming is surrounded by six different states which are Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah.  The best timing to visit Wyoming is from April till October where peak seasons are in July and August.  The most popular tourist spots for Wyoming are Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons, Devil’s Tower and Bighorn Canyon.  These stunning natural scenery attract many tourists to explore and visit Wyoming annually.  The nearest airport is located at Jackson Hole which is about 3 hours drive to Yellowstone National Park.

The Yellowstone Nation Park is the oldest and largest national park.  Yellowstone takes up more than 2.2 million acres, which was launched in 1872, is one of the nature’s wonder in the world.  The park is fill with many wildlife wonder freely in the valleys and forests.  These wildlife includes bison, black bears, elk, swans, antelope and gray wolves.  Also, it is a great national park for adventurous visitors to explore around with many outdoor activities available such as camping, hiking, boating, and visitors can even do snowshoeing along with skiing during the winter season.

The uniqueness of the park is the natural formations of geothermal landscapes. With more than ten thousand thermal activities, including bubbling mud pots, geysers and hot springs.  The largest geyser – Old Faithful Geyser is located at the Upper Basin, up until today, it is still erupting frequently and consistently; which has a better chance to see its eruption compare to some other bigger geysers such as Castle and Riverside. The visitors center has the most accurate prediction about its daily eruption times.

The biggest hot spring – Grand Prismatic Spring is about 370 ft in width and with the depth of more than 120 ft.  The natural heat of 160F can be found inside the Yellowstone Park.  The ever-changing colors of the hot spring on different season is the best selling point of this attraction.  This amazingly beautiful colors are formed by thermophilic bacteria which habitats in the springs based on the temperature.  It turns the outer edge to warm colors such as red and orange in summer, on the other hand, it turns to green in winter.  To have a clearer view at this stunning scenery, visitors can either walk on the boardwalks that link between Excelsior Geyser or for a even better view, try hiking on the Fairy Falls.

Besides these popular geysers, fishing is another great activity inside the park, which is by the Yellowstone Lake.  The lake is about 136-acre in size and it is best known for first-class fishing spot for cutthroat trouts.  Visitors who love fishing always spend their entire day sitting by the lake and relax while fishing there.  Pelican Creek, Bridge Bay and Fishing Bridge are the extraordinary areas to spot elk and bears.  These wildlife often wanders along the streams of Yellowstone Lake.

The formations of Devil’s Tower with rising higher than 1,200 ft is a unique geological jewels of Wyoming.  The tower is sitting just next to the Black Hills and it is the first piece of land to be reputed as a National Monument in Northern America.  The top of the tower is flat and rectangular in shape, it is also a popular attraction with legendary history and culture.  As usual, the 8 miles hiking trails are the common outdoor activities for visitors. Walking through the forest grasslands and to enjoy the nature scenery with blooming wildflowers especially during Spring season.  This is the greatest opportunity for photographers to capture beautiful nature photos of wildflowers and its surrounding.  During certain seasons, rock climbing is a touristy activity for adventurous challenger with steep rugged rock wall. This type of sport is not easy for beginners but it is more suitable for advance climbers.

There is another perfect location for photo taking and that is the National Recreation Area – Bighorn Canyon which is located in high-elevation land at the border of Wyoming and Montana.  Photographs can be taken from Devil’s Canyon to get the entire view.  Bighorn Canyon is the red color canyon cliffs rise exceeding one thousand feet from water and there are a lot of outdoor activities offer to visitors.  Visitors will enjoy almost everything from clear lakes to glacial canyons, grasslands and prairies in the park.  The Bighorn River, offers the upmost trout fishing activity, as well as swimming and boating.  Camping in the woods and hiking on more than 25 miles are the perfect opportunity to get in touch with nature especially for animal lovers.  They can get a closer look at the big herds of bighorn sheep and wild horses.  The forest provides picnic areas and more than thirty cabins and campgrounds to the general public.