Yummy Japanese Seaweed Egg Hot Soup in Claypot

It has been raining for days, everything feels so humid and cold, so i decided to make a hot hot soup for the night. Seaweed is good for detox, but just seaweed itself for a soup is too boring.. with some protein booster, i add in fry eggs. It can be done within 3 minutes! Trust me.. it is 3 minutes! You do not have to boil the soup for the entire day to make the flavor rich, because seaweed itself has the nice fragrance, with just little bit seasoning, there you go the super yummilicious hot soup… let’s start cooking~!



Seaweed * 30g

Egg * 2 pcs (beaten)

Black Pepper * 1/2 tsp

light soy sauce * 1 tsp

Japanese Miso paste * 1 tsp

Garlic Oil * 1/2 tsp

Oil * 1/2 tsp

Water * 250ml

Green Scallion * decoration



How to cook:

  1. Add the light soy sauce & black pepper into the egg and beaten lightly
  2. Heat the wok with oil and start frying the eggs (cook until both sides are golden brown in color)
  3. Add the water into the wok and start boiling together with the eggs
  4. Add in the Seaweed.
  5. Add in the Japanese miso paste and let it dissolve into the soup.
  6. Turn off the fire and add in the garlic oil and mix well.
  7. Sprinkle some green scallion and ready to serve!



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