Simple Korean Kimchi Pancakes

We have some fresh kimchi in the fridge, instead of making soup, we love pancakes too. With just a few ingredients, to enjoy the Korean pancakes at home! Simple Korean Kimchi Pancakes Ingredients: Flour – 2 cups Kimchi – 2 tbsp (slice it) Green Scallion – 2-3 stalks (dice it) Anchovies – 2 tbsp (washed,Read More

Fusion Tortilla Breakfast You would love to try! * Including Mexico, China, America, Malaysia….

Fusion Tortilla Breakfast This is the ultimate fusion flavor breakfast that you might want to challenge it. I grew up in Malaysia, Ikan bilis and sambal (Spicy anchovy) is our national food that cannot be missed by our daily food. By adding this umami flavor, everything turns to the fancy amazing combination. The ingredients thatRead More

TOP 10 Food Japanese men wish their girlfriends to cook

  Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry   Chicken katsu, also known as panko chicken, or tori katsu is a Japanese dish of fried chicken made with panko bread crumbs which is also popular in Australia, Hawaii, London, California, and other areas of the world. Sourced by Wikipedia Recipe by japancentre japanese curry panko breadcrumbs Hamburger SteakRead More

Flourless Savory Taro Green Onion Waffle (Paleo approved)

During COVID-19, everybody self-quarantine at home, the flour was sold out in the market. Since we are craving for some waffle, I have to play magic a little to bake some flourless waffles! With some leftover taro and green onion, I decided to start making this Flourless Savory Taro Green Onion Waffle by using theRead More

KETO Low Carb Creamy Cheesy Yummy Basil Mushroom

This is my first attempt to try cooking something more towards western instead of Oriental. Normally i do not cook dishes with creamy sauces, but after the Sunday shopping, i brought home with a pack of heavy cream. I think it is not too bad to try something with heavy cream. So i dig aroundRead More

Simple Jamaican Jerk Curry Chicken

Hubby always crave for Jamaican jerk curry chicken, we usually just grab it at the Caribbean restaurant nearby our home. But today he brought back a jar of Jamaican Jerk curry paste, and a bag of cut chicken parts. I knew he is looking forward to eat for dinner today! However, i just do itRead More

Quick Prepare Spinach Vegan Salsa Cream Cheese Sandwich

I seldom do a proper recipe for my breakfast as i always eat a combination of greens, protein and Carbs in a big bowl, not display nicely as to show to public. However, i had a shopping time in Publix (the local grocery chain in Florida) and i found this yummy salsa cream cheese spreadRead More

Spanish Yellow Rice Pollo Tropical Set

Tonight i made something different, no more Asian. We bought yellow rice from Publix, then i decided to do something Spanish Fusion. Hubby loves eating Pollo Tropical, this is one of the grill chicken chain store all over in America. So, oven baked chicken drumstick has become our main ingredient. Ingredient: Publix Spanish Yellow RiceRead More