Coconut Flour

Coconut powder is a fine powder prepared by dehydrating coconut meat. It is very suitable for making and replacing flour-based food. It is light in weight and fluffy in texture. It has strong water absorption and is especially suitable for baking.

Rich in fiber, protein and nutrients

Coconut powder is rich in hard-to-digest starch and gluten-free. The price is lower than any nut powder, plus coconut powder contains 61% fiber, 17% protein and other nutrients. The protein content is far more than white flour, rye flour and corn flour.

For health and fitness, it is more suitable than rye flour, whole wheat flour and buckwheat flour. His taste is similar to normal flour, which can replace flour to produce a variety of pastries such as bread, pie, biscuits, cookies, cakes and muffins.

Less Allergic

Most importantly, very few people are allergic to coconut meat. Coconut powder has an excellent contribution to the health of the stomach and the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Coconut powder is the best to avoid moisture or the texture will become soggy at finished product. Coconut powder works perfectly with fats or eggs.

Coconut powder is very fine and no sieved needed. However, it should be sieved before use after frozen.


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