Connecticut the Constitution State

Connecticut is located at the North East of United States, which is surrounded by New York States, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is a relatively small state but filled with amazing attractions, natural parks and various museums. Hartford is the capital city of Connecticut which is about 16 miles at the South of Bradley International Airport. The biggest industries in Connecticut are finance, insurance and real estate, followed by tourism and healthcare businesses. Also the largest crops are hay and tobacco. The tourist attractions are interesting, there are natural scenery such as state parks and waterfalls, unique museums, and historical landmarks. There are several popular spots, namely Mystic Seaport and Aquarium, Gillette Castle, Yale University and Kent Falls the historic place.

Mystic Seaport is located at the very South region by the beach, it is not too far from the airport, just about 90 minutes’ drive. The museum is found in year 1929 that tells the history of early maritime in America. There are 500 types of historical ships are the main attraction of Mystic Seaport that excites the visitors annually. It is a historical seaport village and maritime museum with many famous antique ships display. The popular ones are Bark Charles Morgan year 1841 and the Joseph Conrad. The collection in the museum continues to develop until today, it is now named “Mystic Seaport Museum,” which is officially the biggest maritime museum in the world. By visiting the seaport, visitors can proceed to next destination call Mystic Aquarium to explore and connect with ocean animals. Visitors can interact with the animals such as African penguins and close encounter with beluga whale. There are also Steller sea lions and skinks too!

Stonington is a beautiful city that situated on the coastline. It is an amazing relaxation place to visit with historical buildings such as Captain Nat B. Palmer House and Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum. On the coastline, the Old Lighthouse Museum is a must to visit. The downtown of Stonington is a fabulous place to visit. The stunning architecture of Victorian mansions and colorful harbor with ships in all difference sizes, make it such a breathtaking scenery. Visitors can enjoy the best views of Fishers Island Sound at Dubois Beach. Also there are variety of water sport activities in the area such as kayaking and canoeing for the adventurous folks.

Yale University was founded in year 1701 and it is ranked as the 3rd oldest university in the States. It is located in the New Haven city and is one of the most important place to visit. There are special tours provided for visitors to explore the best views of Connecticut historical Old Campus of Yale University. There are tour guides available for the visitors that want to learn more about the university. There are also many other events such as workshops and exhibitions hosted by Yale University all year round. Furthermore, the Peabody Museum is the top highlight that attracts visitors annually. The museum displays a series of themes about Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs, and artifacts of Native American Indian.

Located next to Cockaponset State Park is the famous Gillette Castle. The unique castle occupied about 184 acres is the home for William H Gillette since year 1919. He was the first actor of the character Sherlock Homes. The castle is the most fascinating construction in Connecticut with an architecture design of medieval fortress. It is a mansion with 24 rooms made by local fieldstone and supported by metal frames. This castle is the historical place that listed on the National Register with the name Seventh Sister as it is located on top of the hill. It is also a great exhibit hall for exhibitions nowadays. It has attracted more than 300 thousand visitors annually. Now it even has new facilities such as hiking trails and picnic areas.

Another popular tourist attraction would be the Kent Falls. It is located at the very west of Connecticut. Besides fishing, there are more activities available such as hiking and picnicking. The covered bridge is a must-see where visitors can walk across the bridge to feel the mist splashing as water cascades down from 250 feet into the Housatonic River. There are three watching decks that provide the best views of Kent Fall that offers the greatest spot for photography. Spring and Fall season are the best time to visit as the melting of the snow during spring season and while the trees changes the colorful leaves on fall season making such an amazing scenery everywhere around.

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