Chili Flakes Powder

Extreme Hot Spicy Chili Flakes Powder 10g

Extreme Hot Spicy Chili Flakes Powder Coarse sichuan hotpot Spices Melampau Pedas serbuk kasar CILI API 超辣重庆现磨新鲜辣椒粉 10g

Chili Flakes Powder


Product features:
✅ Premium Food Grade Product
✅ 100% Natural
✅ Muslim friendly
✅ Vegan/ Vegetarian
✅ No Additives
✅ No preservatives
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Made with real cili

Cara memasak:
👉Minyak cili
👉Minyak pedas
👉Periuk panas pedas
👉Tusuk sate
👉Masak pedas ikan rebus
👉Daging goreng pedas
👉Masakan Sichuan pedas

Cooking method:
👉Stir-fry Chili
👉Chili oil for noodle
👉Spicy oil dressing
👉Hot pot sauce
👉Spicy hot pot
👉Spicy skewers
👉Spicy boiled fish
👉Stir-fried meat
👉Sichuan cuisine series



Chili Flakes Powder

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Chili Flakes Powder

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